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On the Runway
On The Runway
Back to School
Angel Moon McFadden
Way Up North with Diane
Way Up North
Flight Attendant
The Flight Attendant

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Melissa has worked as a voice over artist and scriptwriter for "RUBBER CHICKEN CARDS" (Online Greetings) for the past 3 years creating a loyal following around the world for her lovable and quirky characters including "The Psychick" (Hip Gen X medium who delivers messages from the spirit world), "The Flight Attendant" (cheery southern belle Jenny Sue offers her passengers anything from Botox to Freeze Dried Roadkill), "Way Up North's" Diane (a hermit environmentalist in The Frozen North who delivers messages from her igloo via her Moose Cam).

Her Flight Attendant character "Jenny Sue" was featured on the the front page of the L.A. Times Business Section along with an article about the growing success of Rubber Chicken Cards.

Melissa also voiced several characters for the "BEDTIME WITH BARNEY" radio series (Cry Wolf Productions) including Gladys The Duck, Mama Turtle and Clarissa the Fairy Godmother.

Melissa has completed writing and recording her first half hour animated TV pilot with Rubber Chicken cards owner, Steven Rotblatt, entitled "GEEKS."

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